Design of Pet Bowl Confuses the Ants

      This is the original dog and cat ant free - antproof dish that is maintenance free, waterless system (no water moat needed), non-toxic, no chemicals, UV resistance which makes it very durable. Fool a Bug, the design of the bowl does just that, it fools, tricks or simply confuses the ants. You only have to confuse one ant (scout ant) and the other ants follow.

     Problem with Ants in Texas, also new one's Rasberry crazy ants and they are spreading all over the USA. Antless, Anti ant Pets Supplies, Dog Bowls, Cat bowls, ant proof pet bowl, ant resistance, anti ant, ant free pet bowl.

 "The Mote"  The bowl really works. We have many customers that will agree this bowl has resolved their ant problems in their pet's food and water bowls.

This product has been proven over the last seven years by pet lovers all over the country by individuals like you, Farm and Ranch Stores, Humane Societies, Kennels and Veterinarians.

PmP Inc. (Plastic Molded Products Inc.) offers this bowl in four colors! "Made in USA".  McGregor, Texas.


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