If you have pets, you want to take the best possible care of them. Part of doing that means making sure they have healthy food and clean water. If you live in an area where there are ants, though, you know it can be very hard to keep those crawly insects out of your pets' food and water bowls. Fire ants can be particularly nasty and can bite or sting your four-legged friend, resulting in a lot of discomfort. Some pets can have allergic reactions to fire ants, too. If your pet is one of them, he or she could become very sick.

 Fortunately, there's a solution to your fire ant worries. The Mote is the only proven and patented ant proof bowl, and you can use it for food or water. There's no maintenance, no fuss, and - best of all - no ants! You can use your ant proof bowl outdoors, or bring it inside. Either way is fine, and it works anywhere. With an 11.5" diameter and 4.5" to the top of the bowl, The Mote will hold plenty of your pet's favorite food, or a lot of clean, cool water for him or her to enjoy.

  It comes in four colors with an easy-peel sticker, and it's made out of completely non-toxic materials. That makes it safe for your pets to use, and you can choose a color that goes with your decor. It's proven to work, too, and has been keeping pet food free of ants for more than seven years. The simple design is easy to use, easy to clean, and will last for a lifetime. It doesn't require any water to keep the ants away, unlike other systems that can be messy and high-maintenance.

 No matter where on the planet you are, we'll ship to you. With worldwide shipping, pet lovers everywhere can get The Mote, so they won't have to fight to keep ants out of their pet's food ever again. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet isn't going to get stung or bit by ants while trying to eat is priceless. And don't forget the money you'll save when you don't have to throw out pet food because the ants have gotten into it again. You may have felt like you were fighting a losing battle, but no more. Get The Mote today, and say goodbye to the ants!


 "Let's keep our pets Happy and Healthy"


  Ants can become a real problem when it comes to feeding your furry friend. ... One of the easiest ways to keep ants out of dog or cat food bowl buy the orginial ant proof bowl ( Mote Bowl) from Plastic Molded Products, McGregor, Tx made in the USA.

  But, some people have tried using other methods for example: Fool-A-Bug product Ant-Proof Bowls, But we just fool the scout ant which works much better to solves your whole problem. Then there is Shield Anti-Ant Moat Bowl which is a messy process using water and you can find many tips for Humane,Nontoxic Ant Control which trys to solve your problem, Also "Petroleum jelly, if your dog or cat leaves food in the bowl, deter ants with a little petroleum jelly. You can rub a little jelly around your door jambs or the cracks of your windows, but if ants still find a way to sneak in and take over your dog or cat food bowl, try rubbing jelly directly on the bowl itself." Or buy the orginial ant proof bowl, some people say it's ugly, maybe need other sizes, need more than 2 colors to choose from, but it really works. So, I buy them becasuse I love my furry friends and they do too.

  How to keep ants out of pet bowl with no chemicals and how to keep ant out of dog food bowl outside. How to keep ants out of cat food bowl container inside ? Dog and cat food attract ant inside or outside so, what is the solution, can there be just one answer to both of these problems. The orginial ant proof bowl can be used inside or outside for you cats or dogs food or water bowl, its non-toxic, no chemicals, very durable and it's dishwasher safe. What more could you ever want in a product........maybe one...it's made in the USA. 

  You have read several ways to keep ants out of your pet's bowl from several perspectives and concepts to fix the problem, here is the last one and the most famous of them all. "Ants will drown in water and won’t be able to cross water to get to your pet’s food. You can use an aluminum baking dish that you would buy in the grocery store. Place your pet’s food bowl in the baking dish, and then fill the dish with just enough water to create a moat around the food bowl so that ants can’t access the food."

  Well, there you go. Problem is our ant's here in Texas must be smarter than other parts of the USA, they learned how to swim. The orginial ant proof bowl doesn't use water.   I'll leave the decision up to you.

  My thought, forget all the stuff and get the orginial ant proof bowl, that somebody figured out a longtime ago how to out smart that old scout ant, who gives our loved dogs and cats so much grief. Plus, I am going to be saving enough money, not having to pour out dog or cat food that those pesty little critters messed up. The bowl I purchased just got real cheaper, think I am going to buy 2, you could say, if it makes you feel better buy one get one free. (The Mote Bowl, McGregor, Tx).



 We know that every pet is unique individual as well as it's owner. This bowl is a very unique bowl, we look forward to working with pet owners and their pets. Make a better life for your pets. "The Mote - Ant Proof Pet Bowl". You will be providing the best care for your pets.







Humane Donations

Posted by Tami Simon on September 01, 2014

No More Homeless Pets Conferencevendors collaborate to help local Best Friends’ Focus on Felines campaign

When we join forces to work with others, more can be done to bring about a time of No More Homeless Pets was one of the central themes of this year’s No More Homeless Pets Conference. That theme resonated not only with attendees, but the show’s vendors joined in that same spirit!

At the end of the conference, a couple of vendors decided to donate their wares to the Best Friends Las Vegas Focus on Felines program. What a welcoming and heartwarming act that was!

Don Bohne with Plastic Molded Products Inc. donated four cases of their ant-proof “The Mote” pet bowls. This unique and maintenance free food and water bowl requires no water, chemicals or poisons to deter ants from infiltrating the food and water left for our four-legged friends to enjoy. This is especially helpful for those of us with community cat colonies

to feed and water. Just fill the inner bowl with water or food and let “The Mote” do the rest. Ants don’t get in and are harmlessly and humanely directed away from the cat’s food and water by never allowing a path to be made by the lead ant for the others to follow.

The Walmart Cat

Posted by Ant Proof Bowl on August 18, 2014

I thought this story would be appreciated by you and your blog readers.

Some years ago, One evening we were shopping at our local Walmart Store. We came out about an hour later and there beside our car was a little kitten sitting by my door of the

car. We loaded our packages in the car. It was still sitting by my door looking very sad, alone and needed some food. So, I picked her up, later to find out it was him not her and put

him in my lap. When we got home give him some milk and little pieces of tuna.

Well, He is still around seven year later, at first his home was a little box by the back door of our patio. But, now he lives out side, still next to the back door on the patio. He likes

outside better than inside the house. But, like most people where we live we have ants. So, we purchased the Mote Bowl from your company. It is a great product, made in the USA

is a plus. He still likes milk and tuna. But, thanks to you the ants don’t get in the food or his water bowl any more. Oh, it took us awhile to decide on a name for him since we never

had a cat. Like Walmart Stores, Walmart is doing great.

Thank you,




Posted by Ant Proof Bowl on August 12, 2016

I want to thank everyone for e-mailing your testimonials. Please keep sending them. We enjoy reading each one. Keep a watch for yours on our testimonial page.


Waco Fair and Rodeo

Posted by Ant Proof Bowl on July 02, 2016

Great response and great sales at the Fair and Rodeo in Waco, Texas this year. We had a booth and met hundreds of people each day. Some of the people that we met had already purchased THE MOTE at their local Farm and Ranch Store, didn't have one complaint about the bowl not doing what it was designed to do. Looking forward to another successful

year as we get the word out about this great product. We look forward serving our customers for many years to come with this product.


This product has been proven over the last seven years by pet lovers all over the world, farm and ranch stores, humane societies, kennels, and veterinarians.

If you want to keep the ants our of your pets' bowl, go with our proven solution. (The Mote) Waterless System, No maintenance, No Mess and No Ants !



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