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Ant Proof PET Bowl Mote

Keep Your Pets HAPPY & HEALTHY


 Waterless System - No Maintenance - No mess - No Fuss - Design Fools ants


We are all dog, cat and animal lovers!

"I received my Ant Proof Pet. Bowls and they REALLY work!! I can't tell you how nice it is to go outside to 
pick up these bowls to wash and to not see the hundreds of LITTLE ANT COLONIES 
inside these bowls that I always found in the old ones! My cats are "beyond 
excited" about this as well! AWESOME! I'll be back for more!"


"Just want to thank you for your prompt shipping of my order. I must say that to date, “The Mote” is everything advertised. It has been about a month so far, and no ants have come into our pet’s bowl. I have not seen these elsewhere in So. Ca."

     Jeffrey S. Chase
     City of Industry, CA

Hello, Don
"I ordered two of these dishes for out feral cat who we can't get to come indoors. One for their water and one for her food. 
By the way this really does keep the ants out. 
Our dogs love to drink out of this dish because of the cold water in fact they act like they have to go do their business outside just to drink the water. 
Do you sell drinking cups for humans. 
I live in Phoenix Arizona and have this water dish out side with the temperature reaching over 118 and this water is cold and I mean cold. I would love to be able to buy a drinking cup for myself. Do you know where I could buy one. 
This is a great product and would recommend it to any one. I still can't believe how it does keep the ants away and how it keeps the water cold. 
Thank you very much."

Hi Don,
"I want to tell you how amazed I am about your ant-proof bowls....No Water, NO ANTS!!
I found 3 inexpensive stainless steel bowls that fit perfectly into the ant proof bowls, which I like, because I just lift them out to clean..and refill with food and water...this way, the ant proof bowl stays clean all the time. I commend you and Kris for coming up with this product...Your ant-proof bowls are by far, The BEST, 2 thumbs up, compared to anything else on the market to date, that fits into this category.
Your product is the next best invention since air conditioning....because I CANNOT live without A/C!
Don, I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me on the phone....with courtesy, and a sense of humor!
I'll be back!"


"I just want you to know that I am very happy 
with the ant proof bowls that I ordered from you. They really work! The second day I used them I saw a few ants in the bottom of one empty bowl, but it was because a vine had touched it from above, so I trimmed the vine and it solved that problem. The funny thing was that I don't think the ants could figure out how to get out of the bowl!

Thanks for making a great product."   Linda, LA

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"The Mote does not use water, but instead has a lip that prevents ants from climbing up. A favorite used by Alley Cat Allies in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina."

Read Alley Cat Allies’ list of options to keep insects out of your cats’ bowls

"I received my Motes in March 2010. They have survived flooding, baking (through a steamy Houston-area summer), freezing and a fair amount of abuse - but they have never, EVER let an ant get into our pets' food. An unexpected bonus: they're heavy and difficult for our large dogs to pick up, so we have never been forced to play hide and seek to locate them. You might consider donating some to a non-profit or placing some on consignment with veterinarians - I think more folks would buy them if they could just find them."

     Karen Rudinger
     Magnolia, Texas

"I purchased a mote petfood bowl about seven years ago. I had tried everything possible to keep ants from getting into the catfood. Nothing worked. I was introduced to the (Mote) petfood bowl at a cat show, and was impressed by its design. I decided to try it. I can't say enough about it. I have no more problems with ants in the food. The bowl is in perfect condition after years of use. It is very duralbe constructed and the good part is that it is waterless. anybody that has the same problem that I had should give this Mote a try."

     DUANE - Grove, Tx

"I have tried many pet bowls in my life looking for the perfect bowl. I have found it. " The Mote " is a wonderful product which I have used for several years with no ants in my dog's food bowl because of this amazing products. Ever chance I tell my other dog and cat loving friends. They tried it and love it. It's durable and non-toxic, a great product. If you have problems with ants in your pet food you need this product."

     Rene, AL
     The bowl that is maintenance free!

"Hi,I recently purchased your ant proof bowl and I am 100% satisfied! Without exception, my old cat food dish would be covered with an army of tiny black ant weather inside or outside, especially in hot weather. Well I must tell you that I have not seen a single ant in the cat food since I have been using your product."

     Satisfied customer in Los Angeles, CA

"This is really an amazing product. Didn't think that I could ever find any type of bowl that would do want the Mote does, I see ants rally around the bowl but none in the food."

     Ken, NY

"The Mote is a waterless system that confuses or fools the scout ant. Uses no water moat, chemicals or poisons. The design of the bowl keeps the ants out. Maintenance free, doesn't fade, crack or chip and UV resistant."

     BBS Inc.

"I have five little beings that think you're wonderful. The beings are feral cats and because of your invention, they can now eat wihtout ants."

     Ted, CA

"Thanks for the new Mote bowls. There was no alternative when it came time for replacement. They do a great job and are they tough. Sun baked, hit by auto, thrown by grandkids, blown around by wind, dog playing with them and they could still be used but there was damage. Purchased two Motes at the Feed Store near Terrell, Texas about 7-8 years ago. Had fire ants everywhere and food either had to be picked up or was full of ants. Saw your fire ant notice and it solved the problem. No Fire Ants in the food. I an sure that the cost of the food saved has more than paid the cost of the bowls several times over. Seldom in this world do you find a product that is simple, tough and does its job but the Mote does. Thanks for the great product."

     Bowen, Austin, TX

"My dog had to eat his food with in a few minuets before your bowl. Now he can eat when he is ready! What a time and money saver for my wife and I! I like it your product so much I bought two for myself and three for my mother in law."

     Scott Harrison

Hello Don
"Dishes without The Mote or not sitting in water are covered with the big red ants within minutes...
Your anti ant dishes are absolutely fabulous... Many thanks"

     elizabeth, Australia

"The fire ant proof dog bowl, manufactured by BBS Enterprises Inc., meets it " claim to fame"
Anyone that competes with the fire ants for your four legged friends daily food, MUST purchase this bowl. It ACTUALLY, works!
It eliminates your dog eating food and a mouthful of fire ant bites or your dog not eating any food, because of the fire ants, which occurs, after a few times of ingesting fire ants. An additional bonus for this bowl is, you can place the complete daily food amount in bowl and not worry about ants vs what I have done for many years, prior to this product.
Previously, daily feedings were placed several times each day in one bowl and the 2nd bowl ( larger bowl size) was filled with water. Thus, the smaller food bowl, floated in the larger water bowl. This created daily issues, such as, water evaporation, food spillage into the water, the food bowl floating to the edge of larger water bowl, meaning the fire ants could, once again, getting into the food, because the food bowl floated into the edge of water bowl.
I do not understand how the design of this bowl works, but I do know it DOES work and is a MUST for dog owners. I suggest buying for your dog friends, because they will also, want a bowl that actually, meets the advertised message.
The unfortunate thing about this manufacture is limited advertising. They are not sold in the big box chains, resulting in less exposure and ongoing frustration for dog owners that have not been fortunate enough to find this product.
I recommend you to spend a small dollar amount for a great investment to provide Fido the opportunity to not have a mouth of fire ant bites. If you have ever had fire ant bites, you can confirm, you would not eat your food, if you got a mouthful of the pesky ants!
Buy a bowl today, which will provide a pleasant experience for your beloved, four legged best friend."

     KATHY- Austin, Tx

"Got it, been trying it out for a couple days and so far works like a charm, the ants haven't been able to breach the defensive perimeter..
Oh yeah, the day I emailed you, stepped outside and there was the bowl, sitting on the porch after being delivered.. a D'OH moment!"

     Have a good one!
     Ronald, AL









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